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For travelers that seek something new

Sole F85 Treadmill Review

March 19th, 2017 Posted in sport | No Comments »

Serious workout fanatics will find the Sole F85 Treadmill very useful in carrying out running and walking exercises. As a folding exercise equipment, this unit is easy to set up, move around, and store after use. The entire equipment itself is powder-coated and rust-proof; and its steel-welded frame is evident of the unit’s durability as well as stability.

The flywheel component of this treadmill is comparable to the heavy duty parts of exercise equipment in gyms, and this provides for fluid motions when using the device. And because it is equipped with shock absorption mechanism, there will be minimal impact on the spinal cord, hips, knees, ankles and feet.

Key Features

High-Powered Motor – This exercise machine has 3.5 Horsepower for a powerful performance.

Multi-Functional LCD Display – Its 9-inch LCD has built-in speakers and you can attach MP3 players on the treadmill while exercising.

6 Pre-Programmed Workout Procedures – You can choose from a wide variety of standard workout routines.

2 Customizable Programs – You can set your preferred settings so as to get the exact type of program that suits your taste.

2 Heart Rate Control Programs – The HR controls can also be customized according to your specific needs.

Folding Design – The unit can be unfolded by simply releasing the deck. This folding feature also makes the treadmill easy to store when not in use.

Shock Absorption Mechanism – The treadmill’s Cushion Flex design provides users with 40% less impact on the feet and joints during running and walking exercise routines.


The Sole F85 is backed by lifetime warranty on the motor, frame and deck. There’s a 5-year warranty on electronics, rollers, belt and wear components; and a 2-year warranty on labor.


Equipment Dimension: 83 x 39 x 15 inches

Equipment Weight: 280 pounds

Maximum Capacity: 400 pounds

Running Surface: 22 x 60 inches

Rollers: 2-3/4 inches

Motor Power: 3.5 Horsepower

Speed: 0.5 to 12 MPH

Incline: Up to 15%


How to Assemble the Sole F85 Treadmill?


This model of treadmill is has very simple and easy to set up, and you can assemble it in as fast as 1 hour. You may want to ask for the help of a companion, however, as some of the parts are a little heavy.


The entire assembly is also very heavy as a completed set up weighs around 280 pounds; so it will be more practical if the unit is assembled in the room where it’s going to be placed permanently.

As with any heavy duty exercise machines, it is also recommended that this treadmill is placed on an even and hard surface. Not doing so can result in damaging the flooring or the equipment itself.


And if the unit is placed on a carpeted area, not only will the equipment appear wobbly during exercise routines, but the machine can even eat up the carpet.


How to Use the Sole 85 Exercise Machine?


You can immediately start using this model of treadmill right after assembly as it has pre-set programs. All the control buttons are big and easily accessible on the console, and these are very responsive to the touch.

If you want, you can also customize your own programs and set different speeds and inclination angles. This way, you can create the type of walking, running, and climbing routines that you really prefer.

This treadmill is also designed to easily fold and unfold for ease of use and storage. It has a quick-release system that lets the unit unfold on its own without the need to exert any effort.


Common User Issues and Concerns

Compared to other treadmill machines, the Sole F85 Treadmill is found to be very useful and impressive by a lot of consumers.


There are only few minor issues with this brand and model of treadmill. Although some users have complained that it was heavy, it was also a guarantee of the unit’s stability and durability. The completed setup may require up to 4 guys if it needs to be moved around, so make sure that you assemble the unit in the exercise room right from the start.


Some petty complaints on the fan and speakers also came up from some consumers. While the fan can barely cool one down during an exercise routine, the speakers are found to be lacking in volume and quality. But the users themselves admitted that these are just minor issues as the treadmill’s overall performance is what really counts.


Consumers who compared this model of treadmill with exercise machines that are worth $5,000 are also a little disappointed with the unit’s handle bars. According to these users, the handles on higher-priced machines can better support trainers during a workout routine. But considering that the Sole F85 is offered at half the price, the overall quality of this model of treadmill is still deemed sufficient.


User Reviews


Customers who have already purchased this model of treadmill have given their unbiased observation of the product. There are good points and bad points associated with the exercise equipment as listed below.


What Consumers Like About It:


Easy storage – as the unit can be folded, it can be easily stored after use.

Comfortable design – its shock absorbing features make exercising efficient and easy on the legs and feet.

Simple assembly – assembly can be completed in as fast as 1 hour by following the step by step guide that comes with the package.

What Consumers Don’t Like About It:

Speakers – a lot of users complained that the speaker system on this model of treadmill is not that good.

Handles are hard to reach – there were some reports of consumers having a hard time reaching for the handle bars when on a high incline mode.

Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Review

March 1st, 2017 Posted in accommodation | No Comments »

Recumbent workout bikes are indeed quite popular in most gyms and fitness clubs. It is one of the best ways to obtain a good warm up session in order to perform further workouts. When you invest in a recumbent exercise bike, you can obtain the same benefits within the comfort of your home regularly. Some of the best recumbent exercise bikes have been discussed below.

1.Exerpeutic 400 XL Foldable Recumbent Bike

Recumbent bikes are effective workout machines, but most of them are bulky and does not fit in small homes. Therefore, the exercise bike from Exerpeutic has been designed in a manner that folds up easily for storage. You can enjoy the workout benefits without worrying that the equipment would take up excess space in your home.

  • Easy to fold and V-belt silent dual drive transmission mechanism
  • Flywheel balanced with precision with adjustable control system
  • LCD display to monitor calories, speed, time, heart rate and distance
  • Backrest and big seat cushion

2.Stamina 1350 Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike with magnetic resistance feature offers effective cardio workout within the comfort of your home. The workout machine is not noisy and hence allows you to watch TV or listen to music while performing your workouts.

  • Offers effective aerobic workout
  • Tension dial with intensity adjustment option
  • Large monitor display with distance, speed, calories burned and more
  • Upholstered vinyl seat with distinct handrails and seat positions

3.Schwinn A20 Recumbent Bike

The recumbent bike from Schwinn is suitable for the entire family and provides best of features to offer effective workout effect. This is one of the most popular home workout bikes that has offered best fitness outcomes for many people.

  • LCD display to track calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate, time, and more
  • Magnetic resistance up to 8 levels
  • 7 exercises to keep you fitter
  • Inclusive of a grip heart rate tracker

4.Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Workout Bike

With the home recumbent workout bike, you can increase your stamina, burn calories and also improve your cardio performance. This workout machine from Marcy makes your workout session comfortable and offers maximum workout benefits.

  • Offers 8 levels of resistance
  • Adjustable tension tightening knobs for distinct levels of fitness
  • LCD display monitors calories, time, distance, and speed
  • Counterbalanced pedals with foot straps

5.Velocity CHB-R2101 Recumbent Workout Bike

The recumbent workout bike from velocity provides a reclined design that helps in offering additional comfort while peddling to achieve fitness results. You can easily track your progress within the comfort of your home. Some of the best features are as follows:

  • 8 levels of resistance
  • Flywheel for smooth and comfortable ride
  • Inbuilt transport wheels for easy storage and transport
  • Comes with padded foot pedals with powder coated finish
  • LCD to monitor calories, time, heart rate, and more

Thus, recumbent workout bikes are convenient for home use and also provide efficient workout benefits. With so many benefits, the demand for this workout bike has increased to a great extent.

Best Double Strollers Review

February 27th, 2017 Posted in accommodation | No Comments »

Double strollers come quite handy, especially when you have children. It helps you carry them in it without any hassle. However, it is important to choose the right model to ensure that it makes the ride of your children comfortable. Some of the top models of best double strollers have been listed below.

1.ZOE XL2 Double Stroller

The lightweight double stroller from ZOE is ideal for those who travel frequently with their kids. This customized stroller is quite spacious which makes the ride very comfortable. It has storage space and can be folded easily for storage when not in use.

  • Huge canopies with compartments for storage
  • Reclining seats with 135 degree
  • Big storage basket
  • Super light and weighs 16lbs
  • Inclusive of snack tray, cup holder, and a travel bag


2.JOOVY X2 Double Stroller

The double stroller from JOOVY is adjustable and designed in a manner that makes your kids feel comfortable and independent. Whether you want to take them for a stroll or help them take naps, it can be done with ease on this double stroller.

  • Easily accommodates children weighing 45 pounds each
  • Detachable bumper bar with easy folding option
  • Large wheels with sealed bearings to handle bumpy roads
  • Inclusive of zippered pockets for snacks, wallets, mobile phones and 2 cup holders
  • One hand reclining system


3.Graco Duo Glider Classic Double Stroller

The double stroller from Graco provides all the comforts for your children. In addition to making children sit comfortably, it also makes the person handling the stroller manage it with ease. With the help of this double stroller, you can make your travelling experience a hassle free one.

  • Dual stroller offers stadium pattern seating
  • Can be folded easily with just one hand
  • The stroller can hold weight up to 90 pounds
  • Completely flat reclining of rear seat for napping
  • Extra large basket for storage and additional tray for parents or babysitters


4.Baby Trend Elixer Baby Stroller

The double stroller has a sit and stand feature that offers variations for children. If they are bored of sitting for longer duration, they can kill the boredom by standing. This is indeed one of the most attractive features that make the stroller so good and best value for money.

  • Easily accommodates 2 kids weighing about 50 pounds each
  • Easily foldable for storage
  • Large basket to store baby snacks, toys and other accessories
  • Inclusive of child tray, parent tray and cup holders


5.Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

The double stroller from Baby Jogger is one stop solution for parents if they are looking for a pram for children to travel around on a frequent basis. The stroller is known for its versatile features and hence there is a high demand for this product.

  • Each seat can accommodate a kid weighing up to 45 pounds
  • Option to mix and match the seats as per the requirement
  • Quick fold concept makes you fold it simply with one hand
  • The padded seats can be reclined with a push of a button



These are some of the best double strollers for your kids.

Being Dumped Sucks

February 23rd, 2017 Posted in accommodation | No Comments »

Being dumped sucks! Okay, perhaps that phrase isn’t the most poetic, but we really don’t live in poetic times. Through the marvel of online dating, we can now connect with more people faster than ever before. That means more relationships and, without a doubt, more breakups. Getting dumped is bound to be a part of this wonderful game of love and dating, so if you’ve found yourself in that position, cheer up! There’s good news for the recently single and it starts here!

You’ve poured your heart out to someone, built a relationship and suddenly it’s no longer there. The emptiness that remains only has two possible cures. The first is that you wait for a painful period of time and eventually you forget about getting dumped and you loose the feelings you felt for whoever dropped the axe. The second is finding a rebound after being dumped. This gets your mind off the painful situation and back on to what’s important: finding true love. We’re here to ensure you have all the tools to take the second path!

“Nothing will take away the sting of being dumped.”

Take a look at solid sites that you can explore, safe in the knowledge that they give value for your time. Certain aspects will probably be more important than others to you, so make sure to read through the match reviews. Each one takes us hours to complete but you can catch up on all that information in minutes. Another good way to browse is through the left hand navigation bar that’s visible throughout the site. If you have a niche that speaks particularly to your needs, you’ll find it there. We have tried to provide you with a one-stop dating shop, taking the guessing out of dating and trying to provide you with a way to lessen the pain of being dumped.

We’re not saying you should ignore your feelings. In fact, you should really embrace the pain, as you’ll need to work through it to ensure you really get past the hurt. We’re not saying online dating has all the answers. In fact, it comes with all the same pitfalls of any other form of relationship while bringing some of it’s own unique challenges! You will need time to heal, no matter what you do, and nothing will take away the sting of being dumped. But getting back into the dating game is a good first step on the long road to recovery.

With A Car Hire Split Opens Up

January 24th, 2017 Posted in vacation | No Comments »

When it comes to a car hire Split has a number of options. The seaside town in Croatia has a number of beaches and other attractions that can make any tourist happy, but if you are going to see that many of them then you need a vehicle to get around. Before you get going it can help to create an itinerary, and thus it helps to have a good idea what is available. Look at your interests and make your decisions based on that; you will find that you will not be disappointed and that there is more than enough to keep you busy.

Being a seaside town gives Split a number of advantages from the beginning, especially as it the second largest city in Croatia. For gourmands this that there is a wide variety of foods available, and the fish is going to be very fresh. As it is a crossroads city, this means also that there are foods from a wide variety of areas. However, you will need a way to try as many different restaurants and that requires a car: You can easily plot a path that contains the docks, a food market, somewhere to cook, and a number of different restaurants.

The city has a number of different attractions as well. The beaches are an obvious attraction, as are the different shops that cover almost anything you could want or need. If you have a car hire Split really opens up as there are a number of vineyards nearby known for their great vintages. History is extremely important, and so much so that the city hosts a number of historical attractions, including a small number of museums. Of course, “Games of Thrones” fans are aware that the city is used for some of its backgrounds, making it a great city to explore for where it has been; obviously a car can be very useful in seeing all of the different areas.

While Split may seem like a quiet Croatian town, a car really opens it up to exploration. It just takes a little planning, and once done a car rental can make it all happen.


Benefits of Using Google Adwords

January 10th, 2017 Posted in digital marketing | No Comments »

Almost every business has at least one website; some have several websites and dozens of blogs as well as social media pages. These are all aimed at improving the online visibility of the business, and help in attracting more business. This means that having a website alone will not give you the kind of visibility you are looking for. While search engine optimization will go a long way in making your site more visible to internet users, it still has a number of shortcomings, so the results cannot be guaranteed. The best way to market your business online and drive high quality traffic to your site within a short period of time is to use Google Adwords.

How Google Adwords Work

The Adwords program has three elements. The first is the mediator, which is Google. The second is the advertiser, which is the business that pays for the advertising service. The third is the publisher, who has a website with related content and a lot of internet traffic. Basically, the advertiser creates an Adwords account with Google and links their credit card. The advertiser must also choose a keyword for which their campaign will revolve around. All related keywords may also be included. Banner ads are then created and placed on the publisher’s website to target visitors on that site. If a visitor is interested in the brand, event, product or service being advertised, they click on the banner. This will redirect them to the advertiser’s website, where they can either make a purchase or navigate away. The advertiser pays for every click they get while the publisher gets a commission for each of those clicks. The ads can also be placed on the search results page on top of all other results.

Benefits of Google Adwords

With SEO, you would have to work hard and wait months to get a decent ranking. On the other hand, the Adwords program gives advertisers top priority, so their results will appear on top of organic results. There is no wait time as you can launch your campaign today and get a top ranking after a couple of minutes. The quality of traffic from Adwords is also much higher than SEO, so it has a higher conversion rate.

Web Analytics Helps Determine Customer Intent

December 17th, 2016 Posted in digital marketing | No Comments »

(Note to Client: we are unable to bold phrases in the TCA editor, so I have not been able to do this.)

Customer intent in web analytics is one of the most important, and yet overlooked areas of web site analysis. Most of the available web site tracking tools have a variety of ways that the web site owner can test and track intent, and by using web analytics correctly, the performance of a site can be vastly improved.

The classic use of web analytics is to simply measure the click-through-rate (CTR) from the search page, and then the so-called conversion rate. There have been many studies linking the position of the search engine result to the CTR, as well as those that link conversion to organic versus paid search results.

However, customer intent, as revealed by the actual keyword usage has been very seldom measured in standard web analytics packages.

The key is to use the data provided by classic web analytics packages to maintain a list of those keyword phrases that actually result in a web site action. After all, the main reason to measure web site performance is to improve it, and that can’t be done unless the correct measurements are made in the first place.

Usually these measurements include the path of the visitor through the site — from the entry point (or landing page) to the point at which they leave the site (exit page). Obviously, what constitutes a positive or negative action — both vital for tracking performance — will be both reflected in the exit page, and also different depending on the type of site.

For example, the web analytics for an affiliate site, where the positive result usually is the customer leaving to buy a product on a third party site should reveal a high exit rate in favour of the third party site.

(These could even result in a very high bounce rate, when only one page is visited, usually considered in web analytics circles to be a bad thing, but normal for a one-page site selling a single product as an affiliate.)

Obviously, for more complex sites, selling their own products, or gathering information and providing content — training, for example — web analytics and customer intent takes on a different meaning: in such cases the watchword is ‘engagement’.

Most online web analytics packages support tools to measure on-site engagement, and these can be easily linked to measures of intent to help improve performance: in whatever form it takes.

Choosing Car Hire Portugal Services

November 5th, 2016 Posted in travel | No Comments »

Traveling can be one of the most difficult things that you do simply because it takes a lot of time and effort to plan everything out correctly. This is why a lot of travelers are making use of car hire portugal services for themselves, since this is a wonderful way to make sure that you have a car available to you at all times while on vacation. Not only is this going to save you a lot of time while you are there because you do not have to worry about taking another form of transportation, but it also does not have to be as expensive as you might have thought it was going to be.

There are so many people right now who are making use of car hire portugal services with amazing success, so this is definitely an alternative option that you might want to consider for yourself as well. Not only is this a wonderful option for you when traveling, but it can also help you to save money in the long run because you do not have to worry about paying for a bus or taxi just to get around Portugal when you are traveling there. You can also book all of your car rental arrangements on the internet well in advance to your trip so that this is something you simply will not have to worry about before visiting there.

Now is the time for you to consider booking a car rental service for yourself and see if this is a wonderful option for you as it has been for so many other people. There are lots of different options available to you, making it quick and easy for you to find the car rental service that is ideal for your own needs without you necessarily having to worry about it becoming a major problem long-term. There are so many benefits to renting a car when traveling to Portugal, so make sure to consider this as an option if you are going to be making all of the arrangements to travel and want to know that it is going to go according to plan.

Great Flights to Pristina offer Unforgettable Memories

August 7th, 2016 Posted in travel | No Comments »

Flying does not have to be boring. Great flights to Pristina supercharge the flying experience. They give travelers an experience of a lifetime. If it is your first time to visit this jurisdiction, you need to enjoy every mile of the journey. There is a lot that you will see along the way. This includes great mountains, towering cities, and mighty oceans. Being close to the window will give you great views. Flying is not only about what you see. It is also, about what you eat. Some flights to Pristina offer great meals to their customers. Travelers get a wide range of delicacies and wine. Thus, their stomachs are always full during the course of the journey. This makes it possible to concentrate on other important issues.

Great flights to Pristina have amazing crew who take their time to understand the needs of travelers and subsequently service them. In top-notch flights to Pristina, you will see ever-smiling air hostesses who are always ready to serve. You should treat these professionals in a good way. Not all pilots are usually very serious. Some will not mind explaining the various attractions along the way.

Good flights to Pristina create unforgettable memories. They leave travelers with nostalgia. You will always remember the great conversations you had along the way and the interesting sights you saw, even after the journey is over. Travelling should not merely involve moving from one place to another. You should do it in style. With a state-of-the art aircraft, there is a lot you will enjoy including a high-quality music system and an unrivaled visual experience. You can watch a movie to reduce boredom. If you are not into entertainment, you can use flight time to read a book or a magazine. If you do not want to make your mind tired, you can just sit back and observe the other people on the plane. Actually, many interesting things happen during flights to Pristina. You just have to be attentive so that not to miss anything. After you reach your destination, be grateful to the people who have made the journey a success. It does not hurt to say thank you.

The Value of Facebook Advertising

August 6th, 2016 Posted in digital marketing | No Comments »

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. Therefore, Facebook advertising will deliver your marketing messages to millions of people in different countries. If you want an effective advertising channel used by Fortune 500 companies, you should think about Facebook advertising. This program has helped many entrepreneurs to succeed. As the owner of a small business, you do not have the money to advertise on TV or radio. Therefore, your best bet is Facebook advertisitng. With this alternative, you can advertise for as little as $10. You only pay for ad clicks. This will facilitate maximum return on investment. With many advertisement programs, there is no guarantee that people will listen or see your advertisement. Yet, you still have to pay the full advertisement cost. People usually change TV channels to avoid seeing ads. Not everyone reads newspapers and magazines and the few who read do not pay much attention to ads.

Facebook advertisitng has enormous potential. This is because; almost everyone is on Facebook. The targeting of the ads to the right audiences facilitates cost saving and effectiveness. Facebook algorithms will facilitate the display of your ad to people who like the topic related to your advertisement. Social selling is the next big thing. People usually buy basing on recommendations from family and friends. With Facebook advertising, your advertising can go viral because of the power of Facebook recommendations. Once someone likes the Facebook page of your advertisement, his entire network of friends get recommendations. You should harness the power of Facebook to make your business successful. Facebook advertising makes use of the latest technologies. It is a powerful medium for reaching potential customers.

Social is here to stay. It is emerging as a powerful digital platform. Therefore, you should make Facebook advertisitng an integral part of your online strategy. With Facebook, you will explore new markets and subsequently expand your customer base. The people likely to buy your products are on Facebook. Therefore, your business should not only have Facebook presence but you should actively use Facebook advertising. Small and medium sized businesses are not the only ones using Facebook advertising. Big companies also use it.