Checking Out Hotels In Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia is an emerging spot on tourist maps, with its history and opportunities for outdoor activity. Hotels in Ljubljana include modern examples as well as historic buildings with charm. For instance, one hotel is part of a terrace in the historic city center. There are just a few small rooms, providing an intimate atmosphere. A much older building is the Antiq Palace Hotel and Spa. This is a notable example because it dates to the 16th century and was once a house of nobility.


Today, it is decorated with artwork and antique furnishings, while their website indicates that some ancient art remains in certain places within the building. In spite of their old facades, these hotels are fitted with modern amenities. There are TVs and air conditioning, mini bars and Jacuzzis. Convention facilities, new or newly renovated, are ready for business guests. They have space to host corporate meeting and conferences. At the more leisurely end of things, there are hotels offering bicycle rentals and rooms where pets can come to stay with their owners. Certain accommodation chains have set up branches around the capital.

Alongside these chains there are many independently owned hotels as well. Because Ljubljana is such a historic city, guests might wish to arrange for a package which includes a guided tour and breakfast or a romantic visit set against ancient

Knowing The Best Hotels In Ljubljana

If you are planning to visit the great city of Ljubljana in Slovenia, you should also start looking for wonderful hotels in Ljubljana to stay in. Ljubljana is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the country. It is also recognized as the largest city in Slovenia and is home to more than 270,000 people. Because of the countless tourist attractions in the metropolis, visitors from all over the world are booking flights to witness and experience the beauty of the city.


However, this vacation experience will never be complete without staying in one of the premier hotels in Ljubljana, the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa. The Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa is a first class hotel located in the heart of Ljubljana. It is also one of the most recent and unique additions to the city’s accommodation offering to its visitors. The hotel is built on one of the oldest and most historic properties in the city. The interior design of the hotel will definitely make you feel as if you are living in a modern or contemporary castle. The hotel has a total of 13 individually designed luxury suites. It also has very spacious residential apartments and as well as an executive business center. One of the main things that set Antiq Palace Hotel apart from the other lodging houses in the area is its inclusion of a luxury medical wellness spa. In fact, the hotel also has a small gym for customers and clients who want to stay fit while enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

The rooms of the hotel are also very spacious. Most of its rooms already include a full kitchen, a dining area, a piano and a large lounge room. The hotel also serves breakfast every morning and the staffs are all very polite, accommodating, and approachable. It is no wonder why tourists in Ljubljana always recommend the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa to their friends and travelers like you.

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