Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret: Rovinj

Rovinj is one of those places that will surely leave a lasting impression in the heart of the seasoned traveler. From the cobbled streets to the fascinating forest parks, there is a lot to see in Rovinj. A typical day will start with admiring the sunrise. The breadth and scope of this archipelago cannot be explored in one day. A number of days are needed so that to explore a good number of attractions in this city. There are those attractions such as the massive church of St Euphemia, that will capture someone’s eye and will forever be etched in memory.

The wooded hills, high towers, and amazing piazzas are also sights to behold. These are just but some of the attractions that make Croatia tour something worth having in a bucket list. Croatia is a great place to vacation. There are many attractions in this country. One of the cities worth visiting is Rovinj. This place will capture the heart and mind of the discerning traveler.

The history of Rovinj dates back to the Roman Empire. Therefore, those who are interested in historical artifacts will have a lot to explore in this jurisdiction. The ruins of the historical city still stand. These ruins will give a visitor a picture of ancient life. There is a lot that can be done in this part of Europe. Croatia tourism is gaining popularity with every passing day because of places such as Rovinj. This is a place with more than its fair share of attractions.

Croatia tourism has never ceased to draw attention. This is because of the great natural features that are found in this country. In Rovinj, one should expect to see the best of nature existing harmoniously with modernity.

Croatia tour will not be complete without having a taste of the coastal life in this part of the world. The last true Mediterranean fishing port, right at the heart of the Croatian coast is Rovinj. Since time immemorial, this city has stood in majestic glamour. Empires have risen and fallen and in the process, Croatia has transcended from an ancient backwater into one of Europe’s most modern city but the charm of Rovinj has remained intact despite the monumental changes that seem to happen around it.

Community management: A step towards a more civilized world

We have evolved as human beings and now live a civilized life. This is true for the major portion of the globe. However, this would have never been possible without community management. Now you would be thinking that what this jargon means. To understand this, let’s take an example of a commonly shared water resource. The resource would go waste if not cared for jointly by the whole community. Some people may throw garbage in it while others may wash their clothes in it. This would ultimately lead to the wastage of the resource. This is where community management comes into play. The community can manage the well jointly for the higher good of everybody. Together everybody achieves more. United they stand, divided they fall.

Now, you must have received some idea about community management. The most successful nations on the face of this globe are those which have a strong community management ethic. However, this was about the physical world. With the advancement of technology, each of us exists more on virtual world than the real one. For example, a lot of people know you only by your telephone number or your email id. Isn’t that true? Community management has its role in this virtual world as well. With software being created and dumped in millions almost every now and then, it is nearly impossible to keep community effort away from it. Take for example websites like Wikipedia. It is such a huge knowledge base and it is so because of the contribution by the community. Here, by community we mean all those who contribute their knowledge to the portal.

The same is true for various types of software which are open source. They require input from technically sound people who add value to it. These geeks form a community that manages the software. Many volunteers and stakeholders come together to create such a talented pool of professionals who otherwise would have never came together, not even for money. It is the common cause that encourages each of them to contribute in some way. Sometimes the community too evolves as the software evolves and reaches a new height both in terms of social recognition and adding value to the product.