Search Engine Optimization – Cover these Basics

Most people with even a basic level of web exposure would know what search engine optimization (SEO) is. SEO is fundamental to any website’s growth. But it’s not as simple or straightforward as it sounds. In fact, SEO is an industry in itself. This article is to help you get familiar with the basic SEO requirements.

Search Engine Requirements

Search engines such as Google and Bing want to ensure their users are directed to web properties relevant to the typed-in keywords. A site’s relevancy is based on its content, performance, authority and user experience. Content basically covers the destination site’s theme, page text, descriptions and titles. Performance is the site’s loading speeds. A site’s backlink structure determines its authority and user experience is about website aesthetics and navigation.

Bad SEO Practices

Search engines don’t want sites to employ shady marketing or optimization tactics to trick the search engine algorithm. Sites that indulge in black hat SEO techniques such as excessive link building, keyword stuffing, bad user experience, etc. are bound to be penalized. The punishment will almost throw the site into oblivion and make it extremely difficult for the website to get back into the particular search engine’s good books.

Multi-Channel Optimization

Keyword strategies must be implemented both on and off-site. This is why multi-channel optimization is key. Some of the platforms for such optimization include Twitter, Facebook, Email, Linkedin and TV and radio adverts. Ensuring varied optimization consistency will also boost your brand-building efforts.

Optimizing for Different Results

Besides optimizing for desktops, ensure you focus on tablet and mobile optimization too, along with any other viable media. Make rich media content such as video, as ranking a video on a search engine’s first few pages is easier than ranking simple text.

Non-text content must be optimized too so that they’re visible to search engines. If your website uses PDFs or Flash, ensure you go through the recent best practices so that search engines could crawl that particular content and offer your site its due credit.


SEO must always be in the forefront. Skipping SEO basics would only mess up your website’s foundation and restrict you from completely tapping into the sales or revenue opportunities.