Great Customizable and Eye Catchy WordPress Themes for Your Blog

Blogging has already become the big thing. In fact, you can easily say that it is slowly replacing mainstream journalism. Immensely growing and influencing global activities, you cannot surf the Internet without coming across a blog or something that revolves around blogging. With millions of people blogging for fun and others earning impressive income from it, the future of blogging is only becoming brighter by the day. As much as blogging may seem like a lucrative thing especially for those seeking to make money online, it takes a lot for a blog to be successful. For starters, you need to be well acquainted with WordPress. You need to be aware of how it works and how to maintain an account with them.
Getting an account with WordPress and posting content is not enough to pave a bright future for your blogging career. Your account needs themes and templates that will breathe new life into its appearance. You will need a theme that is not only attractive, but that can compel someone to visit your site and also offer him or her unique experience.
It is not hard to find a visually appealing WordPress template. In fact, there are dozens of WordPress themes for you to choose from. You can decide to custom design your template, but the hassle involved in doing this is something that most bloggers especially newbies do not have the luxury for. For this reason, an already fully developed theme is welcome news.
WordPress has designed plenty of themes and templates that will transform your blog into a gorgeous looking page. The following are three of the best WordPress themes and templates available for you to choose from.

1. vFlex

With a great appearance on all devices, this theme is usable in almost all blogs and, therefore, great for yours too. Built with all bloggers in mind, getting this theme is not a bad idea.

2. Fashionista

If you are running a magazine-style type of blog, this is the theme for you. With a pleasing layout and bold headlines, this theme will create that busy looking feel for your blog.

3. InterStellar

With this theme, you can customize the logo, layout, and color of your blog.
Customizable, device friendly, and eye catchy designs, these 3 WordPress themes will serve your blog great good.


Web Analytics Gives You Powerful Data

One of the greatest benefits of modern business is web analytics. With this tool you can gain great insight about your audience and get hard data about your online marketing efforts. You will know if your marketing campaigns are effective as well as your ROI. If your marketing campaign is successful you will know to do that campaign again in the future. If your campaign is unsuccessful, you will be able to quickly pivot and save yourself money by discontinuing the campaign. With the data you derive from analytics, you can use split testing to find out what your visitors like better. You can install a heat map on your site and you may find that visitors are clicking in areas you didn’t expect, or areas that are not a link at all. Using a little creativity and web analytics will help you find out everything you would like to know about your audience so you can create better content and run a more effective business.

No matter what your site pertains to, no matter what industry you’re in, your site likely has a goal or purpose. The goal could be providing information, selling products, or acquiring advertising revenue. Installing web analytics on your site is crucial to understanding how your audience is using your site and what you may or may not need to change. Especially pertaining to ecommerce, if you have sales goals you certainly need to know how many customers you need to sell to and at what price to meet your revenue goal. Web analytics will provide you with all of this information and more. By reviewing the data from a search engine on your site, you can find out the type of offerings your audience may be interested in but are not able to obtain from you. Web analytics will also allow you to be a better advertiser because of the information you get. You will know which keywords your audience uses to find you, which is essential knowledge in online advertising. You can even find out if your audience is spelling the name of you or your business wrong.

Flights to Albania and Other Former Soviet Socialist Republics

The Soviet Union fell with the Berlin Wall in 1989. It led to civil unrest to some of the countries that were part of what used to be known as the Warsaw Pact. These nations include Lithuania, Slovenia, Georgia, Belarus and a country known as Albania. Albania, as a former Soviet Socialist to Republic, has many people who want to see the country for its impressive Greek Orthodox and Soviet Architecture. it also has a wide array of natural resources and other things that mainly attract tourists. Some people may need to go there for business reasons.

A business travel needs to make sure he has certain amenities. He will probably be going to one of the larger cities. He should expect that a larger city has hotels and rental car agencies. The largest cities almost certainly have public transportation available as well. Taking public transportation may not present the right image for a business person. Someone arranging one or more flights to Albania would do well to make sure that he lands at an airport with a rental car agency nearby. This is usually not hard to arrange. Rental car agencies know to set up places of business near airports in order to boost their sales.

Finding an airline that offers flights to the country may be difficult, but it is not as hard as some place might believe. The former Soviet Republic is a major destination, and the miracle of connecting flights can get people to where they need to be. The airports do all of they can to get passengers to their destination on time.

There are things that a person must simply put up with when it comes to getting to their destination on time. Any number of weather conditions can cause delays in air travel, but these delays are usually done for the safety of the passengers. While this may annoy the people on the plane, it is better to arrive late than to never arrive at all. Just be patient. If the plane is en route, there is a good chance it will reach its destination.

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