All about the basic ski fitness!

Ski fitness consists of exercises that are aimed at preparing your body for skiing and snowboarding. The first thing to know about ski fitness is that the basics for skiers and snowboarders are not so different from any other sport. Like for any other sport it is important to do the right preparation and the right exercises to help condition your body.

Getting started
The basic ski fitness for skiing and snowboarding include exercises that revolve around core fitness and leg strength but this is just the beginning on the way to ensuring you a confident and successful day on the slopes.

A ski fitness programmed for beginners should aim to help the skier get fit but also help him with the basics of preventing injuries mostly by preventing muscle fatigue while skiing. Beginner ski fitness includes exercises to help strengthen the key muscles that are used in skiing and snowboarding.

ski fitnessIntermediate
The intermediate ski fitness consists of exercises that provide your body with the right balance of muscle strength, core stability and flexibility. These exercises are suitable for skiers and snowboarders.

The advanced ski fitness program is designed to give above average skiers slightly more fitness and strength to cope with a more rigorous session that you will undoubtedly want. This type of ski fitness targets certain muscle groups, which are more crucial for skiing, more precisely. It helps you gain strength in the muscles that are needed in more technical skiing sessions that are suitable for the advanced skiers and snowboarders.