Benefits of Using Google Adwords

Almost every business has at least one website; some have several websites and dozens of blogs as well as social media pages. These are all aimed at improving the online visibility of the business, and help in attracting more business. This means that having a website alone will not give you the kind of visibility you are looking for. While search engine optimization will go a long way in making your site more visible to internet users, it still has a number of shortcomings, so the results cannot be guaranteed. The best way to market your business online and drive high quality traffic to your site within a short period of time is to use Google Adwords.

How Google Adwords Work

The Adwords program has three elements. The first is the mediator, which is Google. The second is the advertiser, which is the business that pays for the advertising service. The third is the publisher, who has a website with related content and a lot of internet traffic. Basically, the advertiser creates an Adwords account with Google and links their credit card. The advertiser must also choose a keyword for which their campaign will revolve around. All related keywords may also be included. Banner ads are then created and placed on the publisher’s website to target visitors on that site. If a visitor is interested in the brand, event, product or service being advertised, they click on the banner. This will redirect them to the advertiser’s website, where they can either make a purchase or navigate away. The advertiser pays for every click they get while the publisher gets a commission for each of those clicks. The ads can also be placed on the search results page on top of all other results.

Benefits of Google Adwords

With SEO, you would have to work hard and wait months to get a decent ranking. On the other hand, the Adwords program gives advertisers top priority, so their results will appear on top of organic results. There is no wait time as you can launch your campaign today and get a top ranking after a couple of minutes. The quality of traffic from Adwords is also much higher than SEO, so it has a higher conversion rate.

Web Analytics Helps Determine Customer Intent

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Customer intent in web analytics is one of the most important, and yet overlooked areas of web site analysis. Most of the available web site tracking tools have a variety of ways that the web site owner can test and track intent, and by using web analytics correctly, the performance of a site can be vastly improved.

The classic use of web analytics is to simply measure the click-through-rate (CTR) from the search page, and then the so-called conversion rate. There have been many studies linking the position of the search engine result to the CTR, as well as those that link conversion to organic versus paid search results.

However, customer intent, as revealed by the actual keyword usage has been very seldom measured in standard web analytics packages.

The key is to use the data provided by classic web analytics packages to maintain a list of those keyword phrases that actually result in a web site action. After all, the main reason to measure web site performance is to improve it, and that can’t be done unless the correct measurements are made in the first place.

Usually these measurements include the path of the visitor through the site — from the entry point (or landing page) to the point at which they leave the site (exit page). Obviously, what constitutes a positive or negative action — both vital for tracking performance — will be both reflected in the exit page, and also different depending on the type of site.

For example, the web analytics for an affiliate site, where the positive result usually is the customer leaving to buy a product on a third party site should reveal a high exit rate in favour of the third party site.

(These could even result in a very high bounce rate, when only one page is visited, usually considered in web analytics circles to be a bad thing, but normal for a one-page site selling a single product as an affiliate.)

Obviously, for more complex sites, selling their own products, or gathering information and providing content — training, for example — web analytics and customer intent takes on a different meaning: in such cases the watchword is ‘engagement’.

Most online web analytics packages support tools to measure on-site engagement, and these can be easily linked to measures of intent to help improve performance: in whatever form it takes.

The Value of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. Therefore, Facebook advertising will deliver your marketing messages to millions of people in different countries. If you want an effective advertising channel used by Fortune 500 companies, you should think about Facebook advertising. This program has helped many entrepreneurs to succeed. As the owner of a small business, you do not have the money to advertise on TV or radio. Therefore, your best bet is Facebook advertisitng. With this alternative, you can advertise for as little as $10. You only pay for ad clicks. This will facilitate maximum return on investment. With many advertisement programs, there is no guarantee that people will listen or see your advertisement. Yet, you still have to pay the full advertisement cost. People usually change TV channels to avoid seeing ads. Not everyone reads newspapers and magazines and the few who read do not pay much attention to ads.

Facebook advertisitng has enormous potential. This is because; almost everyone is on Facebook. The targeting of the ads to the right audiences facilitates cost saving and effectiveness. Facebook algorithms will facilitate the display of your ad to people who like the topic related to your advertisement. Social selling is the next big thing. People usually buy basing on recommendations from family and friends. With Facebook advertising, your advertising can go viral because of the power of Facebook recommendations. Once someone likes the Facebook page of your advertisement, his entire network of friends get recommendations. You should harness the power of Facebook to make your business successful. Facebook advertising makes use of the latest technologies. It is a powerful medium for reaching potential customers.

Social is here to stay. It is emerging as a powerful digital platform. Therefore, you should make Facebook advertisitng an integral part of your online strategy. With Facebook, you will explore new markets and subsequently expand your customer base. The people likely to buy your products are on Facebook. Therefore, your business should not only have Facebook presence but you should actively use Facebook advertising. Small and medium sized businesses are not the only ones using Facebook advertising. Big companies also use it.


Is there a Warehouse or Forest of Themes for WordPress?

WordPress is one of the most ubiquitous blogging platforms. People can find it almost anywhere on the Internet. Its ease of use, coupled with its independence separates it from other platforms like Blogger or Tumblr, although Tumblr has its own unique features that a search engine optimization that a blogger should use. Now, both websites offer themes to their users. The microblogging service offers paid and free themes. WordPress also offers a number of themes on its free service. People who host the blogging platform elsewhere need to find themse on their own.

Many of these themes can be installed from the administration panel, although the user only gets pre-defined selection of themes for the service. Sometimes hosting companies limit the themes a user can choose. They usually want the user to pay to select from themes they have chosen. A clever user familiar with the ins and outs of WordPress can bypass this without too many problems. All he has to do is download theme and upload it to his administration panel. After that, it’s just a matter of installing it.

Where can someone get almost all of the themes that he needs? Let’s say he needs a warehouse theme. Well, he can go to the Warehouse themeforest and get everything he needs. He can even find more than just warehouse themes on this site. He can find many other industrial themes. He may be able to find backgrounds for light manufacturing, vehicle production and any other manner of industrial work.

The seeker can find more than just industrial themes on this website. In fact, he can find almost any theme he can think of from medical to personal blogging. The theme forest site is almost like the Big Box store of themes for WordPress blogs. No one should feel bad about spending hours looking at all of the options here. It is easy to get lost. Every single tree in this forest offers great, professional-quality design. There’s more than just one theme that will fit a person’s website. It may take some time to get themes with all of the options.

Free Website Analytic Tools

If you are building a website, there are things that you are going to need to know. These are;
1. What are the visitors to my site doing?
2. Are they completing what they wanted to do?
3. If they were not able to complete it, then why not?
4. Were they satisfied with my site? If not then why were they not satisfied.

To get the answers to these questions you will need Website is used to measure the traffic your site. There are two categories of analytics on-site and off-site. On-site is the one used the most. It measures how visitors react to your site. How long they stay on it and what they did while they were there. Off-site measures the sites visibility as well as potential visitors.

Web analytics has three tiers. The first tier is the measurement of the data. It measures traffic, page views, and clicks. The second tier is taking this data and applying it to your customers to make visiting your website more enjoyable. The third tier applies the data to your website and seeing how it all comes together.

When it comes to choosing the tools for analytics, there are several that will do the job. They range from free to paid tools. For a small business, the free ones will get the job done. If you have a large company, you may want to invest in paid analytics.

Some of the free ones are;
1. Google Analytics
2. Yahoo Web Analytics
3. Googles Website Optimizer
4. Clicktale
5. Facebook Insights
6. Twitalizer
7. 4Q by iPerceptions

These are considered the best free tools by seasoned website owners. Each one does the same basic thing. They measure the traffic to and from your site. The one you use depends on what you want to do with your site and what it is that you need to be analyzed.

Google Analytics does not tell you what visitors are paying attention to on your site, where Clicktale records the action of every visitor. If you are only using social media all, you would need Facebook Insights or Twitalizer. You can use more than one analyzer if you want. Googles Website Optimizer is the perfect companion to other Analytics.

What You Should Know about Web Analytics Solutions

If you are running a commercial business website, you need to know where visitors come from to converge at your site. In addition, you need to know how they are making use of the content that you have placed on your pages. Web analytics is the tool that will make you realize the most out of your online marketing. Perhaps you already know that your web server has a lot of information, but without web analytics, this information is raw and may not generate important information that can help you make meaningful decisions that can change the way you do business.

You will learn who visits your web pages, where they originate, how they use the content on your site and where they go after exiting your site. You will also locate the problematic areas that involve the conversion funnel and whether the actions you take yield the desired results. You will not only get traffic, but also identify the strong and weak areas of your website. Web analytics will help you know if the searches by the customers convert or need to be improved for better results. What web analytics solutions do you need?

A perfect web analytics program will help online marketers know why visitors behave the way they do. This will prove important for marketers who are interested in pay-per click marketing, web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usability. If you are operating an e-commerce store, web analytics solutions will provide you with the right visual interface and important reports.

Web analytics are available as logfile processing or hosted services. There is a solution for each business, so choose one that will suit you. You can also find solutions that come at no cost, but free does not always mean free. Paid web analytics tools come with many benefits. For example, your sensitive and valuable information is only accessible to you. If you really value your private information, then you will need to have paid solutions work for you. Paid solutions also provide services that you won’t find from free tools. For example, you can access online seminars at no cost. There is also the possibility of learning the tricks of web analytics once you have paid for the service.


There are many web analytics solutions out there ranging from expensive to no cost tools. There is no one perfect web analytics solution for every business, but the good news is that you can find a custom solution that is perfect for your needs and budget.

Great Customizable and Eye Catchy WordPress Themes for Your Blog

Blogging has already become the big thing. In fact, you can easily say that it is slowly replacing mainstream journalism. Immensely growing and influencing global activities, you cannot surf the Internet without coming across a blog or something that revolves around blogging. With millions of people blogging for fun and others earning impressive income from it, the future of blogging is only becoming brighter by the day. As much as blogging may seem like a lucrative thing especially for those seeking to make money online, it takes a lot for a blog to be successful. For starters, you need to be well acquainted with WordPress. You need to be aware of how it works and how to maintain an account with them.
Getting an account with WordPress and posting content is not enough to pave a bright future for your blogging career. Your account needs themes and templates that will breathe new life into its appearance. You will need a theme that is not only attractive, but that can compel someone to visit your site and also offer him or her unique experience.
It is not hard to find a visually appealing WordPress template. In fact, there are dozens of WordPress themes for you to choose from. You can decide to custom design your template, but the hassle involved in doing this is something that most bloggers especially newbies do not have the luxury for. For this reason, an already fully developed theme is welcome news.
WordPress has designed plenty of themes and templates that will transform your blog into a gorgeous looking page. The following are three of the best WordPress themes and templates available for you to choose from.

1. vFlex

With a great appearance on all devices, this theme is usable in almost all blogs and, therefore, great for yours too. Built with all bloggers in mind, getting this theme is not a bad idea.

2. Fashionista

If you are running a magazine-style type of blog, this is the theme for you. With a pleasing layout and bold headlines, this theme will create that busy looking feel for your blog.

3. InterStellar

With this theme, you can customize the logo, layout, and color of your blog.
Customizable, device friendly, and eye catchy designs, these 3 WordPress themes will serve your blog great good.


Web Analytics Gives You Powerful Data

One of the greatest benefits of modern business is web analytics. With this tool you can gain great insight about your audience and get hard data about your online marketing efforts. You will know if your marketing campaigns are effective as well as your ROI. If your marketing campaign is successful you will know to do that campaign again in the future. If your campaign is unsuccessful, you will be able to quickly pivot and save yourself money by discontinuing the campaign. With the data you derive from analytics, you can use split testing to find out what your visitors like better. You can install a heat map on your site and you may find that visitors are clicking in areas you didn’t expect, or areas that are not a link at all. Using a little creativity and web analytics will help you find out everything you would like to know about your audience so you can create better content and run a more effective business.

No matter what your site pertains to, no matter what industry you’re in, your site likely has a goal or purpose. The goal could be providing information, selling products, or acquiring advertising revenue. Installing web analytics on your site is crucial to understanding how your audience is using your site and what you may or may not need to change. Especially pertaining to ecommerce, if you have sales goals you certainly need to know how many customers you need to sell to and at what price to meet your revenue goal. Web analytics will provide you with all of this information and more. By reviewing the data from a search engine on your site, you can find out the type of offerings your audience may be interested in but are not able to obtain from you. Web analytics will also allow you to be a better advertiser because of the information you get. You will know which keywords your audience uses to find you, which is essential knowledge in online advertising. You can even find out if your audience is spelling the name of you or your business wrong.

Qualities of Good Website Templates

Having the right website templates is key to achieving overall success with regard to the purpose for creating the website. There are a variety of template builders available with each one claiming to be the best. However, it is important for you to be keen on certain points in order to determine the most suitable for your website. Learning about some of the qualities that constitute a good template can be a good way to choose the ideal templates.

Simple navigation

A template that allows users to quickly identify important points is key to success. Such a template is often regarded as having a user-friendly interface. Most Internet users do not spend a lot of time on one particular website, which is why having a template that allows them to navigate fast can be prudent.

Impressive layout

A template’s layout can determine whether it is effective in doing what it is meant to do or not. A good template has a layout that conforms to the industry it is built for. Corporate layouts often depict power and authority in information while entertainment templates emphasize colorful backgrounds and flashy patterns.

Easy design

A good template allows you to quickly customize its features in order to enable easier interaction with the audience. The design takes into consideration future possibilities and is therefore both flexible and easy to update. An easy design means you will not require a professional to carry out simple activities such as uploading pictures or adding new features.

Finding good web templates

To find suitable web templates, choose a template builder that is reputable. Consider the various providers available and settle on one that is highly rated by customers. Go for a template builder that is easy to communicate with. This allows you to get in touch whenever you face difficulties with the templates. Prompt response from the template builder ensures you do not inconvenience your clients and that you avoid running into losses. Keep in mind that expensive templates are not necessarily the best. There are certain templates that are relatively cheap but can help you build an effective website.

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Increasing Your Revenue With These Facebook Advertising Tips

As the world moves towards a new way of doing things, customers now expect much more out of a brand than just an amazing product or service. Thanks to the magic of social media, companies now have the ability to break the barrier between the living room and the screen. Facebook advertising allows your company to get up close and personal with your audience and build a client base you normally might not be able to reach.
Creating a Brand Page

If your company is not participating in social media yet, you simply cannot afford to miss out on this undeniably powerful advertising opportunity. Social media is free to use and has the ability to cast a wider net than you can cast alone. It is never too late to jump on to the Facebook wagon and start reaping the benefits of advertising with Facebook.
The Secret to Facebook Success

The key to Facebook advertising is not only in posting about your current sales but in giving your audience share worthy content that is relevant to their lives. Nobody likes a spammy wall. Making your posts meaningful and trending will ensure that your posts are seen by more potential customers and shared to reach a wider audience. For instance, if you sell salsa seasonings, instead of posting yet another quip about your product’s amazing taste being the best around – post instead a delicious recipe or fiesta themed party idea with a link to your product. This form of content is something others want to repost, like and take the time to share.
Knowing When to Get Help

Even though social media is quite easy to use, it can be a bit trickier for businesses. Your brand’s reputation is the face of your entire company. Thus, a cohesive message is very important. When you find that you are having trouble reaching customers or are not sure how to make your page look professional, it may be time to get help from the pros.

Facebook advertising can mean the difference in thousands of purchases and hundreds of thousands of purchases. When you use it correctly, social media can change the way you do business and introduce you to a world full of customers eager to get their hands on your products, taking your revenue to places you never even dreamed of.