Finding A Hostel Ljubljana

Travelling through Europe is exciting.  And the thrill of finding off the path places where many people do not go is even better.  This is precisely what the country of Slovenia is all about, and even more so, the capital city, Ljubljana.  Nestled just under Austria, Slovenia was the first country to separate from the communist Yugoslavia.  Over the following years they carved out a niche for themselves as a quiet country that borders the Alps.  But those who travel there know that quiet does not mean boring.

Staying in a hostel Ljubljana is the only way to go.  By utilizing community living the traveler can share adventure stories, get tips on where to go next, and meet interesting people from all over the world.  While in Ljubljana they will find out all about the best nightlife spots, and the best places to eat Burek.  For the traveler who has never had Burek, this should be the top priority on their list.

While the nightlife in Ljubljana is not quite as rowdy as many other cities throughout Europe, it is far from dull.  With bars and coffee shops open late, a person can sip a macchiato or a beer while watching the river roll lazily through town.  Or they can find a club that has live music and dancing, whatever their forte it is available.

By staying in a hostel the person will be sure to make the most of their money.  They get the community aspect as well as the frugality of travelling cheaply.  There is no better way to experience Europe, by staying in hostels.