Spending Christmas In Ljubljana

Spending holidays in Slovenia particularly in Ljubljana can be a wonderful experience. As a region rich in cultural heritage, it is considered one of the preferred tourist spots in the world. If you are planning to visit the place for a holiday, it would be best to try spending Christmas in Ljubljana.

Since the early times, Ljubljana has been recognized for its art, mainly sculpture and painting. In 1461, The Diocese of Ljubljana was established which is considered a work of art until today. As the population of Ljubljana rose and more tourists arrived, Ljubljana became more and more popular for its unique architectural structures that can be seen through numerous churches and monasteries around the area.



Another reason to visit Ljubljana is Smarna Gora peak, a popular hiking destination in the Northern part of the city. Warm summers and moderately cold winters are also attractive to many tourists. Parks, green spaces, streets and other structures are also hot among visitors.

If you are planning to spend Christmas in Ljubljana, you may also try to book a hotel ahead of time. One of the recommended luxury hotels in Ljubljana is the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa. It is also written in 1,000 Places to See before You Die, a book made for travelers which talks about famous spots all over the world.

Before you go on a trip, you may want to make a list of the things that you need to bring and the places you want to visit so you can maximize your stay in Ljubljana. You may also ask people around to tell you the places you need to visit or ask the assistance of any hotel representative at the Antiq Palace Hotel & Spa so they can book activities for you without any hassles.

Directors and Actors Seeking Hotels in Ljubljana!

Ljubljana DragonChances are you may see the likes of Hal Hartley, Eric Zonca, Aleksei German, jr., James Benning, or even Vlad Ivanov, wandering around one of the many hotels in Ljubljana during November. OK Ljubljana is a great destination to visit but more than likely its the annual LIFFe Festival that has drawn these well-known directors and actors to Slovenias capital.

Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) was launched in 1989 as the Film Art Festival Ljubljana. Well known as a specialised competitive festival that features an overview of contemporary world film production, it also focuses on emerging directors and new trends in contemporary cinema.

The number of screened films, for several years now, exceeds 100 and around ten percent of those are shorts. In recent years approximately 250 official screenings took place with a large majority of them in Ljubljana. Walking distance from many hotels in Ljubljana. With close to 50,000 tickets sold the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) is one of the biggest cultural events in Slovenia.

So while wandering around those hotels with-in Ljubljana, keep your wits about you. You may just brush shoulders with the next big name in film.

Stepping out of your Hotel in Ljubljana – Summer activities

LjubljanaSo you made it to your hotel in Ljubljana! Looking out the window you take in the beautiful view of the city and think…what now?

Slovenians are very active and its not uncommon to find them hiking up mountains or distant hill, or speeding down it on a mountain bike! So once you have explored the beautiful city; depending on the season, one of the following activities might interest you.

During the summer months, escaping to one of the many hills or even one of the mountains in the bordering Alps is quite popular. Donning hiking boots, walking poles and some tights and sweats, you would not look out of place. Smarna Gora is one hill that is very popular with local Ljubljana residents, a short drive North West of the capital, in the village of Smartno.

Riding a bicycle for pleasure and transport during the sunny months is popular. You’ll find after stepping out of your hotel the centre of Ljubljana is closed to traffic!

Also, down hill mountain biking is very popular and ever growing. There are many guides that offer this experience. Swimming and canoeing are also general activities you will find while in the summer months. Rivers can be a little chilly and also crowded depending on where you go, so keep this in mind when speaking to your tour guide.

So don’t be shy! If you are up for a little nature and activity, step on out of your hotel, seek out a good tour and escape Ljubljana for a day of swimming at Bohinj, walking around the lake at Bled, or a hike up Smarna Gora!