Getting Ready For The Slopes

There is no better way for the avid skier to train in the off-season than by using a ski training machine. The summer months can be very taxing for a skier who has no way to travel to the snow, no money or free time to spend on going to the best year-around skiing zones in the world. The skier will want to keep working hard so that he or she can stay in top form and can have a great year once the winter comes back, but common exercises cannot provide everything that is needed. Running and lifting weights can help, but neither one can give the full skiing experience

Feels similar to real skis

The solution is a ski training machine. This is a piece of home gym equipment that a person can use in their basement or in a back room. It takes up approximately the same amount of space as a typical weight lifting machine or a treadmill. The basic idea is that the person gets onto the machine and straps their feet into the “skis” that are welded to the machine’s body. These straps feel similar to real skis so that the experience will be authentic. 


There is a rising track in the middle of the ski machine, so the skis go up and over a hill. The skier crouches on one side, knees bent, in typical skiing form. Then the skier rises up and shifts his or her body weight to the side. The motion propels the skis up over the track and down the other side. There, the person settles back into a crouch before reversing the motion. The result is a side-to-side motion that looks and feels like true skiing. It works all of the correct muscles and provides exercise that will translate directly to ability on the slopes.