Luxurious Apartment in Ljubljana

When traveling to Ljubljana, you will find many options to choose from when it comes to a place to stay. From comfy hotels, budget friendly, or hostels to a bed and breakfast or a guest house that has all the comforts of home.

Apartment Ljubljana = start point

You will find roughly 20 hotels in the city of Ljubljana which offer a good quality standard with reasonable prices. The majority of the hotels are well-located down town where you will find plenty of culture as well as night life. If you prefer to stay inside you will find a resort inside the hotel Ljubljana. If you would like to rent an apartment while staying in Ljubljana you’ll find apartment agencies that will rent them out by the month, week, or day. Some private owners have been renting out their apartments recently as well on a weekly or daily base. These apartments have all the amenities you would expect. The neighborhoods are quiet and within walking distance to the train and bus station.


You’ll discover plenty of shopping with gorgeous items. Handcrafted souvenirs can be found along side the road at the apartmetnt Ljubljana market. Musical instruments, record shops, cool t-shirts, and hand bags are just a few of the many items you can find while shopping here. If you would like to find some great fruit or vegetables to snack on, you could always head on over to the fresh market. You can smell the aroma of the fresh bread and listen to the musicians play their street music all combined with the shouting of the merchants.
Most of the things you purchase here is hand made or locally grown with the exception of what you might pick up if you go to the flea market. Residents here take pride in the making and growing of the items they sell.


There is plenty of sightseeing to do here so you won’t get bored with all the shopping. The Dragon Bridge and the Franciscan Church are just a few of the many sights here to see. You will be amazed at all the stunning sights you see here.