Benefits of Using Google Adwords

Almost every business has at least one website; some have several websites and dozens of blogs as well as social media pages. These are all aimed at improving the online visibility of the business, and help in attracting more business. This means that having a website alone will not give you the kind of visibility you are looking for. While search engine optimization will go a long way in making your site more visible to internet users, it still has a number of shortcomings, so the results cannot be guaranteed. The best way to market your business online and drive high quality traffic to your site within a short period of time is to use Google Adwords.

How Google Adwords Work

The Adwords program has three elements. The first is the mediator, which is Google. The second is the advertiser, which is the business that pays for the advertising service. The third is the publisher, who has a website with related content and a lot of internet traffic. Basically, the advertiser creates an Adwords account with Google and links their credit card. The advertiser must also choose a keyword for which their campaign will revolve around. All related keywords may also be included. Banner ads are then created and placed on the publisher’s website to target visitors on that site. If a visitor is interested in the brand, event, product or service being advertised, they click on the banner. This will redirect them to the advertiser’s website, where they can either make a purchase or navigate away. The advertiser pays for every click they get while the publisher gets a commission for each of those clicks. The ads can also be placed on the search results page on top of all other results.

Benefits of Google Adwords

With SEO, you would have to work hard and wait months to get a decent ranking. On the other hand, the Adwords program gives advertisers top priority, so their results will appear on top of organic results. There is no wait time as you can launch your campaign today and get a top ranking after a couple of minutes. The quality of traffic from Adwords is also much higher than SEO, so it has a higher conversion rate.

Web Analytics Helps Determine Customer Intent

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Customer intent in web analytics is one of the most important, and yet overlooked areas of web site analysis. Most of the available web site tracking tools have a variety of ways that the web site owner can test and track intent, and by using web analytics correctly, the performance of a site can be vastly improved.

The classic use of web analytics is to simply measure the click-through-rate (CTR) from the search page, and then the so-called conversion rate. There have been many studies linking the position of the search engine result to the CTR, as well as those that link conversion to organic versus paid search results.

However, customer intent, as revealed by the actual keyword usage has been very seldom measured in standard web analytics packages.

The key is to use the data provided by classic web analytics packages to maintain a list of those keyword phrases that actually result in a web site action. After all, the main reason to measure web site performance is to improve it, and that can’t be done unless the correct measurements are made in the first place.

Usually these measurements include the path of the visitor through the site — from the entry point (or landing page) to the point at which they leave the site (exit page). Obviously, what constitutes a positive or negative action — both vital for tracking performance — will be both reflected in the exit page, and also different depending on the type of site.

For example, the web analytics for an affiliate site, where the positive result usually is the customer leaving to buy a product on a third party site should reveal a high exit rate in favour of the third party site.

(These could even result in a very high bounce rate, when only one page is visited, usually considered in web analytics circles to be a bad thing, but normal for a one-page site selling a single product as an affiliate.)

Obviously, for more complex sites, selling their own products, or gathering information and providing content — training, for example — web analytics and customer intent takes on a different meaning: in such cases the watchword is ‘engagement’.

Most online web analytics packages support tools to measure on-site engagement, and these can be easily linked to measures of intent to help improve performance: in whatever form it takes.

The Value of Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the biggest social networking site in the world. Therefore, Facebook advertising will deliver your marketing messages to millions of people in different countries. If you want an effective advertising channel used by Fortune 500 companies, you should think about Facebook advertising. This program has helped many entrepreneurs to succeed. As the owner of a small business, you do not have the money to advertise on TV or radio. Therefore, your best bet is Facebook advertisitng. With this alternative, you can advertise for as little as $10. You only pay for ad clicks. This will facilitate maximum return on investment. With many advertisement programs, there is no guarantee that people will listen or see your advertisement. Yet, you still have to pay the full advertisement cost. People usually change TV channels to avoid seeing ads. Not everyone reads newspapers and magazines and the few who read do not pay much attention to ads.

Facebook advertisitng has enormous potential. This is because; almost everyone is on Facebook. The targeting of the ads to the right audiences facilitates cost saving and effectiveness. Facebook algorithms will facilitate the display of your ad to people who like the topic related to your advertisement. Social selling is the next big thing. People usually buy basing on recommendations from family and friends. With Facebook advertising, your advertising can go viral because of the power of Facebook recommendations. Once someone likes the Facebook page of your advertisement, his entire network of friends get recommendations. You should harness the power of Facebook to make your business successful. Facebook advertising makes use of the latest technologies. It is a powerful medium for reaching potential customers.

Social is here to stay. It is emerging as a powerful digital platform. Therefore, you should make Facebook advertisitng an integral part of your online strategy. With Facebook, you will explore new markets and subsequently expand your customer base. The people likely to buy your products are on Facebook. Therefore, your business should not only have Facebook presence but you should actively use Facebook advertising. Small and medium sized businesses are not the only ones using Facebook advertising. Big companies also use it.


What You Should Know about Web Analytics Solutions

If you are running a commercial business website, you need to know where visitors come from to converge at your site. In addition, you need to know how they are making use of the content that you have placed on your pages. Web analytics is the tool that will make you realize the most out of your online marketing. Perhaps you already know that your web server has a lot of information, but without web analytics, this information is raw and may not generate important information that can help you make meaningful decisions that can change the way you do business.

You will learn who visits your web pages, where they originate, how they use the content on your site and where they go after exiting your site. You will also locate the problematic areas that involve the conversion funnel and whether the actions you take yield the desired results. You will not only get traffic, but also identify the strong and weak areas of your website. Web analytics will help you know if the searches by the customers convert or need to be improved for better results. What web analytics solutions do you need?

A perfect web analytics program will help online marketers know why visitors behave the way they do. This will prove important for marketers who are interested in pay-per click marketing, web design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and usability. If you are operating an e-commerce store, web analytics solutions will provide you with the right visual interface and important reports.

Web analytics are available as logfile processing or hosted services. There is a solution for each business, so choose one that will suit you. You can also find solutions that come at no cost, but free does not always mean free. Paid web analytics tools come with many benefits. For example, your sensitive and valuable information is only accessible to you. If you really value your private information, then you will need to have paid solutions work for you. Paid solutions also provide services that you won’t find from free tools. For example, you can access online seminars at no cost. There is also the possibility of learning the tricks of web analytics once you have paid for the service.


There are many web analytics solutions out there ranging from expensive to no cost tools. There is no one perfect web analytics solution for every business, but the good news is that you can find a custom solution that is perfect for your needs and budget.

Search Engine Optimization – Cover these Basics

Most people with even a basic level of web exposure would know what search engine optimization (SEO) is. SEO is fundamental to any website’s growth. But it’s not as simple or straightforward as it sounds. In fact, SEO is an industry in itself. This article is to help you get familiar with the basic SEO requirements.

Search Engine Requirements

Search engines such as Google and Bing want to ensure their users are directed to web properties relevant to the typed-in keywords. A site’s relevancy is based on its content, performance, authority and user experience. Content basically covers the destination site’s theme, page text, descriptions and titles. Performance is the site’s loading speeds. A site’s backlink structure determines its authority and user experience is about website aesthetics and navigation.

Bad SEO Practices

Search engines don’t want sites to employ shady marketing or optimization tactics to trick the search engine algorithm. Sites that indulge in black hat SEO techniques such as excessive link building, keyword stuffing, bad user experience, etc. are bound to be penalized. The punishment will almost throw the site into oblivion and make it extremely difficult for the website to get back into the particular search engine’s good books.

Multi-Channel Optimization

Keyword strategies must be implemented both on and off-site. This is why multi-channel optimization is key. Some of the platforms for such optimization include Twitter, Facebook, Email, Linkedin and TV and radio adverts. Ensuring varied optimization consistency will also boost your brand-building efforts.

Optimizing for Different Results

Besides optimizing for desktops, ensure you focus on tablet and mobile optimization too, along with any other viable media. Make rich media content such as video, as ranking a video on a search engine’s first few pages is easier than ranking simple text.

Non-text content must be optimized too so that they’re visible to search engines. If your website uses PDFs or Flash, ensure you go through the recent best practices so that search engines could crawl that particular content and offer your site its due credit.


SEO must always be in the forefront. Skipping SEO basics would only mess up your website’s foundation and restrict you from completely tapping into the sales or revenue opportunities.


Basics of Search Engine Optimization

The arrival of the Internet has opened enormous marketing possibilities to businesses across the world. More and more business owners are promoting their items by staging their websites. However, online marketing is a challenging job; there are millions of websites on the net. Many of them are contending in the same market to get customers. In this kind of situation, marketing your product or service becomes really difficult. Despite this, you may get through this challenging task by using proven search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

A lot of newbie marketers lack adequate information about the basics of SEO. Put simply, SEO is an Internet marketing strategy designed to get customers by making the website search engine friendly for specific keywords. Without using effectual search engine optimization strategies, your website could get lost in the cyber-world.

To begin with, create keywords aimed at your site’s niche. For instance, if you are marketing weight loss items, you should use key phrases like fast weight loss pills or best weight loss pills. As a thumb rule, choose long tail keywords that draw huge traffic with less competition. Put those search terms or key phrases on your website in such a manner that the key phrases appear natural and flow seamlessly within the content. Next send your website to search engines such as Yahoo and Google.

Advertise your site on social platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. In addition to this, promote your website through online marketing forums. Also, write articles and press releases, and submit them to high page rank article directories and press release sites with a link pointing to your site.

All these are fundamental search engine optimization strategies that will improve the page rank of your site and steer loads of traffic to your website. Traffic means prospective customers that will transform into sale if your product is really useful; this is the primary goal of any business. This is why using effective and proven SEO strategies is essential to thrive on the web. So make sure you use these online strategies for your marketing endeavors to register your success online.


Get Results With Web Analytics

The significant amount of possibility that is provided to you when you begin the process of building a website may not be something that you are aware of. In fact, having a better understanding of the power of this tool may become knowledge that would make it very difficult for you to begin the process of tapping into your customers within the market. It is very important for you to accept the fact that simply having a website does not mean that you will automatically be granted a ticket to a future that is filled with success. Instead, the creation of a website would simply allow you to reach a larger selection of the population than you would otherwise have the ability to. There are many companies that are limited as a result of their location or size, but getting a website up and running can get rid of both of these troubles.

The purpose of having a page that people could choose to view at any point during the day would be to ensure that you are never making an oversight when it comes to offering the service that someone needs at a time that is attractive for them. When you are doing business out of a typical location, you will always have to think about prime hours in which you are willing to staff accordingly. However, you may not be able to remain open for as long as you would like because of a large financial cost attached. When you begin using the tool of web analytics, you will find it much easier to push your potential customers to your online website and convert this experience to having profits come into your business.

The key to becoming successful when you are taking an online approach to your business would be to avoid making the assumption that you would be handed anything. While there is a significant amount of opportunity that would be made available to you, learning from web analytics and going with information that can trigger a much more effective approach to the market would be the way to get results.

Benefits of Google AdWords for Businesses

Google AdWords is Google’s pay per click advertising system. Created in 2000 by Google, it has been a huge success. It has allowed millions of businesses to reach potential consumers at economical cost. All types of online and offline businesses use this service to sell their product or service. There are many advantages of using Google AdWords for businesses.

Quick Return on Ad Spend
It can take months to obtain organic high page rank in search engine results through search engine optimization techniques. On the other hand, there is immediate response when advertised through AdWords. The campaign immediately starts running live on relevant sites. A business can start receiving customers immediately after getting the marketing campaign live.

Targeted Advertising
In traditional advertising methods, advertisement is shown to all types of people, even to people who are not interested in the advertised product. It is a highly inefficient advertising method. Advertisements appearing through Google AdWords are also visible to all types of people but the advantage is that the advertiser can choose per impression pricing to pay only when someone clicks on the ad link. It is called targeted advertising which gives better return on marketing investments.

Better Analytics
It is very difficult to analyze and measure the effects of an advertising campaign when other types of advertising methods are used. That is not so with the Google AdWords which comes with several analytical tools. These tools let advertisers check different types of data. It helps fine tune the advertising campaign. Better marketing campaign can be planned for future based on the data of previous advertising campaigns.

Control over Ad Budget
Google AdWords allows its advertisers better control over advertising budget. It has a bidding system where marketers bid for keywords high in demand. The cost can be a few cents to several dollars. Per impression pricing alternative is also available.

Better Scheduling
It is up to the marketer to schedule the advertisement campaign. The advertiser can decide at what time the advertisement should run, for how long it should run and on what days it should run. Keyword analytic tools help find trigger words which can be used to target only potential consumers.

These advantages have made Google AdWords a favorite of advertisers.

Community management: A step towards a more civilized world

We have evolved as human beings and now live a civilized life. This is true for the major portion of the globe. However, this would have never been possible without community management. Now you would be thinking that what this jargon means. To understand this, let’s take an example of a commonly shared water resource. The resource would go waste if not cared for jointly by the whole community. Some people may throw garbage in it while others may wash their clothes in it. This would ultimately lead to the wastage of the resource. This is where community management comes into play. The community can manage the well jointly for the higher good of everybody. Together everybody achieves more. United they stand, divided they fall.

Now, you must have received some idea about community management. The most successful nations on the face of this globe are those which have a strong community management ethic. However, this was about the physical world. With the advancement of technology, each of us exists more on virtual world than the real one. For example, a lot of people know you only by your telephone number or your email id. Isn’t that true? Community management has its role in this virtual world as well. With software being created and dumped in millions almost every now and then, it is nearly impossible to keep community effort away from it. Take for example websites like Wikipedia. It is such a huge knowledge base and it is so because of the contribution by the community. Here, by community we mean all those who contribute their knowledge to the portal.

The same is true for various types of software which are open source. They require input from technically sound people who add value to it. These geeks form a community that manages the software. Many volunteers and stakeholders come together to create such a talented pool of professionals who otherwise would have never came together, not even for money. It is the common cause that encourages each of them to contribute in some way. Sometimes the community too evolves as the software evolves and reaches a new height both in terms of social recognition and adding value to the product.